Founder | Keyzer & Company

Rob Keyzer

Real business relations, built on respect and shared interests, seem to be few and far between in the modern world. We can now instantly connect with anyone online in the blink of an eye, so there are few secrets left. People you think you can rely on, are sometimes simple products of the cyber world, where anybody can find anybody. This comes with changing luck, for some more than others. 

About 40 years ago, when I made my first steps in the world of spices, things were completely different of course. Trading communications were mostly by Telex and traditional telephone, although some still used the Telegram too. Business was based on trading skills, product-knowledge and longstanding relations. Nobody could come in and start trading just like that. 

Nowadays I’m surrounded by my family and together we have made Keyzer & Company to what it is today. A reliable partner with a lot of in-house experience and great international contacts to grant a long term and successful business relation with buyers as well as sellers. Thank you always for your continuous support.