Trade | Latin-America

Lisa Keyzer

I started working for the company already more than ten years ago. First as a side job, to combine with my studies. When my dad realized I was interested in “his” spice business, he taught me the basics and soon I was in control of the pending shipments and corresponding documents. This way I got to know all the products and clients. As time passed work became a more serious part of my life and for the last five years this has been my full-time job. This meaning the sales to Latin-America of which I am now in control. I specialize in cinnamon, which is a very special and traditional product from Sri Lanka. It is one of the few spices (if not the only one) still produced manually and you have to know the process to really appreciate how beautiful this product is. Prices change almost daily and not a season is the same, so you have to be on top of it. The latter of course goes for all the spices (and seeds/herbs) we trade. What I like is the variation the job offers. Every day you are in touch with people from different time zones and cultures, making it very personal. It is really satisfying to bring an importer and exporter together and assist in the creation and development of the business.